Students activities


We will give an assignment on each topic to get in more hands-on. These assignments will give more confidence to the students. 

Interview Preparation

We will discuss every tool interview question and answer. We are focusing on a realtime day to day tasks scenario based on interview questions.

DevOps Real-time Hands-On Training


We are providing real-time hands-on training on DevOps and AWS. This Course will take 5 months duration will cover DevOps and AWS on-demand tools complete training. Here we will teach Linux, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Nexus, Sonarqube,  Jenkins pipeline code, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS services. 

Material Providing


We will provide a softcopy material for easy to understand and hands-on practicals. we are providing DevOps ebooks which help us learn more about DevOps tools.

DevOps Tools we are going to teach

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